Harry Moses


Recently I proposed some ideas for Shoosmiths as they are undergoing a brand refresh. I was tasked with looking at the current main visual element the “Triangle” which is meant to represent the 3 components that equal successful work; People, Relationship, Results.

Instead of using the triangle, I proposed that using the infinity insignia as seen in the Shoosmiths logo would work as the new main visual component. The mark itself is an interesting symbol and ties into the idea of creating solid working relations with clients that equals results. The symbol would then be used ubiquitously and in a myriad of ways. This includes being used as an overlay on photography, as a visual icon that works with the new colour scheme and typography and adapting colour in accordance with correspondence with different clients. This can be seen with the example for Krispy Kreme, one of Shoosmiths clients. The added benefit of using the logo like this as it offers a new dynamism with the in place branding and helps generate equity as the mark is more visible, more of the time.