Harry Moses
Storefront Concept1.jpg

Peep Sunglasses

Peep is an up and coming sunglasses brand based in Brighton. Peep prides itself on promoting diversity and uniqueness through wacky frames and colours to suit anyone and everyone

For Peep, I wanted to create a real sense of fun. I started with developing a logo that is designed to look like peeping eyes, with the cursive P’s acting as the arms as found on a pair of sunglasses. As for the general identity, I wanted to venture down a more illustrative and character based route. I wrote down as many objects and varying other things as I could, then created them extremely crudely from memory spending as little time as possible on each one. This includes everything from an Elephant to a burger to a rocketship. Refinement was not the aim here, more silliness and humour.

The colour palette is based from colours on the LGBT flag further reinforcing the promotion of inclusivity within the visual language itself. The use of these colours was to be ubiquitous, but tasteful allowing for anyone to feel comfortable approaching it. This intertwines with the illustrations which all draw from the same colour selection, allowing for almost limitless packaging and collateral design possibilities. The simplicity of selecting one complimentary (or contrasting) colour with one illustration, provides Peep with the ability to have a truly fun and distinct look, one that hopefully could become collectable and desirable to its customers.