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More information about me.


More about me

My name is Harry Moses and I am a Graphic Designer based in Manchester, U.K.  I specialise in branding and development of visual identities, but I am also well versed in most areas of design with examples of work demonstrating skills in UI design, print and publication, image retouching, email builds, CSS and HTML.

I have an unconventional path in regards to starting in creative media. I left school with little in terms of academic qualifications and began working in building and contracting at 17. Whilst persuing a labour intensive career, (not my forte I assure you) I never felt truly stimulated. I was an extremely creative child and taught myself to paint and play music to a good standard. Just before my 21st birthday, I decided I needed to leave a promising career in contracts management and pursue a new one in graphic design and branding, enrolling at M.M.U to study Graphic Design and Advertising in 2015. 

The learning curve was steep as I had never even heard of most of the commonly used programs and had never studied graphics in any capacity. Nevertheless, I truly felt I had found what I wanted to do and worked hard to get up to standard leaving university with a First Class Honours degree in BA(Hons) Creative Media and Visual Communication in 2018.

I have worked with both award-winning, boutique B2B agencies and in-house with brands in accordance with their guidelines. I have worked with agencies such as DOMU Brands, Cube3, Supremo, Battalion, iF Agency, Creative Spark & Northstar, gaining experience through internships or working for them in-house and as a freelancer.

Contact me

E: harry@harrymoses.com
T: (+44)7786 785699